American Standard’s new ActiClean Self-Cleaning Toilet

What if I said you could have a sparkling clean toilet simply by pressing a button? Now you can, with American Standard’s new ActiClean Self-Cleaning Toilet.

The new ActiClean system is the toilet that cleans itself, combining the power of revolutionary VorMax flushing technology — which delivers the cleanest flush ever engineered — with a fully integrated self-cleaning system.

Never pick up a toilet brush again. Simply press a button, walk away, and let the toilet do the rest — it’s that easy.

Here’s how the ActiClean system works:

  • The user presses the button for the preferred cleaning cycle: a Quick Clean that takes one minute; or a Deep Clean that offers an extended, 10-minute cleaning cycle.
  • Cleaning solution travels through the designated channel in the tank and is mixed with water.
  • The cleaner is released into the bowl, combined with the powerful VorMax jetted force, which allows the cleaner to completely scour the bowl from top to bottom.
  • The cleaner soaks in the bowl for the chosen amount of time. Its fresh fragrance and foaming bubbles indicate it’s hard at work.
  • When the soaking time has ended, the system will automatically siphon the cleaning agent and rinse the bowl with clear water.