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Plumbing problems

happen when we least need them, a toy gets flushed down the toilet and starts an overflow, or the clog just will not go down no matter what you do, call Laszlos Plumbing of Phoenix 602-291-6500 for emergency plumbing service in Phoenix AZ. Our plumbing technicians are trained in solving all types of plumbing problems, including

drain clogs, sewer back-ups, water heater pilot problems, leak detection, and broken gas or water pipes.

When you need plumbing help call Laszlos Plumbing of Phoenix

602-291-6500 for 24 hour 7 day a week service even on holidays.

We have fully stocked trucks, we can usually be at your home or office and solve most plumbing problems on the first visit. Garbage disposals are amazing when they work and do not clog up your kitchen drains, if your garbage disposal is not working or has created a huge drain blockage we have specialized equipment to locate and clean drain and sewer line all the way to the street.

We can have your water heater repaired or replaced on the same visit 2522 W. Charter Oak Road Laszlos Plumbing of Phoenix 602-291-6500. We are your emergency plumber serving Phoenix AZ.

24-hour-plumbing-sink-drain-cleaning-imageHow Do You Find The Best Plumbers?

Call Laszlos Plumbing of Phoenix 602-291-6500 Service 24/7

How To Find The Best Plumbers?

Finding a reliable plumber that will come at a moments notice is a great asset to any home or business owner in Phoenix AZ. Often times plumbing emergencies happen at the worst time. If you need emergency plumbing service call 24/7 Laszlos Plumbing of Phoenix 602-291-6500 2522 W. Charter Oak Road. They happen at all hours even when most plumbers are sleeping. Finding a plumber who will answer his or her phone at night is a real find. Friends and neighbors might let you in on an amazing plumber. Another way to find one is on the internet, if your plumber will not answer the phone, you just keep calling until someone answers. It is interesting to see how many plumbers do not even take care of their website, a sloppy website is often a tip off to a sloppy plumber.

Plumbing truck

The Plumbing Technician 

we send out a technician to you in Phoenix AZ that will look at your particular problem. If you have a plumbing problem BIG or small we can fix it. We stay up-to-date in all the latest plumbing technology. If you just need or want plumbing advice please call air ducts can get clogged, for information on air vent cleaning. 

Landlord Station Best of 2015 - Vendors DirectoryQuality Plumbing Service 

with every call and visit * Prompt, courteous, and reliable service, 24/7 * All calls are answered personally - never with an answering machine. * We will only send licensed professionals * We will treat you and your home or business with the utmost respect * We will provide you with all repair options * You will receive a comprehensive estimate before beginning work * Maintenance and Drain Cleaning Agreements Available * Drain and Sewer Cleaning * Hydro Jetting * Preventative Maintenance by Laszlos Plumbing of Phoenix 602-291-6500 * Gas Leaks * Water Leaks * Vent Stack Replacements * Faucet Repair and Replacement * Water Heater Repair and Replacement * Toilet Repair and Replacement * Garage Door Repairs * Disposal Repair and Replacement in Phoenix AZ * Gas Dryer and Range Connections * Ice Maker Connections.

Plumbing Services: 

* Leak Detection * Line Location * Video Inspection * Sewer Line Installation * Water Heater * Fixture Replacement * Gas Line Re-piping * Septic to Sewer Conversion * Large Commercial * Industrial Plumbing Bid Work Laszlos Plumbing of Phoenix 602-291-6500 * Trench-less Sewer Technology * Plumbing Remodeling 2522 W. Charter Oak Road * Grease Trap Installation * New Construction * Slab Leak Repair * Full Drain Cleaning Services * Preferred plumbing and drain has Bullet Jetter®.

Broken Pipes: 

A broken pipe can make a huge mess in no time, after the pipe is fixed who do you call to repair the water damage? Some time a very high wind or storm or hurricane damage will break a window causing flooding. Even after a small fire the fire department can cause all kinds of water damage in Phoenix AZ with their water hoses, sometime this can be worse than the fire and smoke damage.