5 Plumbing Myths That Are Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

Being a homeowner is one of the biggest responsibilities you will ever face. There will surely be many unforeseen problems that will come your way, most of them maintenance related. The plumbing, heating, and electric systems in your home are bound to give you problems and they all come at a cost!

Many self-proclaimed experts spread myths about plumbing systems. Today we are going to debunk them and tell you which myths are costing you more money!

Myth #1: Chemical Drain cleaners are needed to disinfect the area

Fact: Chemical cleaners are made up of harsh substances. They eat away at the pipes of your home and the disposal seals. You may feel they are getting the job done and that too, quicker, but they are actually going to cost you much more in the long-run.
Household items are safer to use in comparison. Vinegar, lemon, and baking soda are mild but effective disinfectants for your home.
Natural disinfectants like lemon, lime, and orange peel can remove the foul odor and leave behind a fresh scent. When using peels, chop them into really small chunks before throwing them into the disposal.

Myth #2: Using a plunger on a clogged sink

Fact: This method of removing a blockage in the drain can only result in a mess! When unclogging a drain, you need to cover the second drain. If left open, the blockage will come up the other drain.
If you decide to use a chemical drain cleaner and use the same method, you can face splash-back. When such chemicals come in contact with your skin or eyes, it can cause a lot of harm. To avoid such hazardous situations, never use a chemical cleaner when using a plunger.

Myth # 3: The drain is fine if water is going down without a problem

Fact: Clogged drains don’t happen overnight! A small blockage can build up to cause a clogged drain. Wet wipes, inappropriate food, a bunch of hair, etc. are common causes of clogged drains. Experts recommend regular inspections by a professional. They are trained in early detection of clogged drains.

Myth# 4: Hot water washes away grease

Fact: You already know that water and grease don’t work well together. Throwing in hot water after some grease you have disposed of won’t rectify the harm. Warm water tends to cool by the time it reaches the grease, causing it to solidify and hold on to the walls of the pipes. If you repeat this process many times, you will eventually have a blocked pipe!

Myth# 5: Disposing wet wipes down a toilet

Fact: Very few people realize that wet wipes need to be disposed of in a dustbin. The most common item that causes toilet blockages are wet wipes. Unlike tissues, wet wipes aren’t created to breakdown in water.

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