Signs That Mean You Need to Get Your Water Heater Repaired

Water heater issues aren’t a concern until you’re taking a shower and icy cold water hits you. You may not realize it, but your water heater comes in handy for a lot of things; be it doing the laundry or taking a bath. While we don’t pay much attention to what’s troubling our water heater, when it stops working, we’re immediately at a loss for what to do.
Fortunately, you can prevent water heater problems from arising thanks to preventative maintenance. While the average water heater has a lifespan of roughly a decade, eventually, it will start showing signs or repair.

These signals indicate that you need to get your water heater checked out immediately.

Fluctuating Water Temperature

One minute your faucet is pushing out warm water, the next it’s giving out cold water instead. While not getting any hot water at all is a no-brainer sign that something’s up with your water heater, getting fluctuating water temperatures is also a sign that something’s amiss. There may be a mineral deposit build-up at the bottom of the tank which signals a repair or replacement is in order.

The Hot Water Pressure is Low

Mineral deposit build up doesn’t just affect the efficacy of your water heater, but it can also end up blocking pipes and reducing the water pressure from your water heater. A poor design or unorganized distribution lines can also reduce the water pressure but your water heater can also be the culprit.

It’s Leaking

This sign is quite obvious; if it’s leaking, there’s something wrong. But it can be difficult to tell unless you visually inspect your water heater for a leak. A lot of homeowners don’t check their water heaters until the hot water runs out. Carry out some preventative maintenance by making water heater inspections a part of your monthly maintenance routine.

The Water is “Off”
If the water tastes or smells slightly ‘odd,’ there could be something wrong with the pipes. A metallic tinge to the water usually means that there is corrosion in the lines. If both the hot and cold water feel rusty, it must be the pipe’s fault. But if it’s only the hot water, then odds are there’s something wrong with your water heater. You should seek professional help before the damage gets worse.

Strange Sounds
Another obvious sign that something’s up with your water heater is unusual sounds coming out of it. While a little noise is natural and to be expected; but if you hear any sort of loud banging, cracking, or popping sounds coming from it, time to call the plumber.

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