Garbage Disposal Problems in Phoenix AZ:

Garbage disposal appliances have made disposing of food waste in the kitchen much easier. Every time you do dishes you do not have to constantly worry about the food particles that are going down the drain clogging it up. The food particles from the dishes are cut into tiny pieces making them easier to drain with the running water.

Because of how effective and useful the garbage disposals are and how inexpensive they are, they can now be found in most homes. There are three types of garbage disposal systems that are commonly used in homes today as follows:

1. Continuous Feed Garbage Disposals: Once you turn on this switch, the garbage disposal pushes the foods into its inner walls which contain teeth. The food waste is then ground until it is small enough to be carried down the drain by the flushing water.

2. Batch Feed Disposal: Unlike the continuous feed, there is no switch in this disposal. Instead there is a stopper which closes the disposal once food has been put into the disposal. Locking the stopper in place is what activates the disposal. From there the food is crushed down into small pieces and flushed away with water.

3. Septic Tank Specific Disposal: This is only used in homes which use the septic tank system. They work quite similarly to the continuous feed except the fact that they contain a cartridge which breaks down soap and grease. The cartridge however needs to be replaced in every few months.

Just like any other kitchen appliance you may sometimes find yourself dealing with garbage disposal problems. One major garbage disposal problem is the clogging of the drain. When this happens, the best solution is to call Laszlos Plumbing of Phoenix 602-291-6500  24 hour emergency service in 2522 W. Charter Oak Road 85029 to come and fix the problem.

Reasons why your drain may be clogged: There are several reasons as to why you may be having a clogged drain. One of the most common reasons is that when the garbage disposal was grinding the waste food, you did not flush enough water to completely go down the drain. As a result, the small food particles are not carried away by the water and they collect along the drain. After some time, the collection of food particles becomes large enough to cause a clog in the drain.

- The best way to avoid this situation is to make sure that enough water is flushed through the garbage disposal when it is working and for a few seconds after it is done.

- The second most common reasons why people have clogged drains as a result of using garbage disposal appliances is that they disposed of food items that should not be disposed off in the garbage disposal appliances and even when they are a lot of water should be flushed when the machine is done grinding to ensure that the food remains are carried away by the water. An example of such waste includes banana peels and potato peels, when these two are ground in the garbage collector they form a paste like substances which clog the drain. If you are having problems with your garbage disposal call Laszlos Plumbing of Phoenix 602-291-6500 we serve Phoenix AZ.

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