drain cleaning


4 Steps to unblocking any clogged drain

If you have a clogged drain, it’s important to think clearly and not do anything that could cause more harm than good. You may not need to call a plumber, but it is certainly a possibility that shouldn’t be ruled out. Here are 4 simple steps to try the next time you get a clogged drain.

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Powerful Water Jet Drain Machine Increases Cleaning Power

The JM-3080 Jet-Set from General Pipe Cleaners gives you the increased cleaning power of 8 gallons of flow per minute without compromising your pump.

General Pipe Cleaners’ powerful JM-3080 Jet-Set water jet drain cleaning machine clears stubborn grease stoppages as well as lines clogged with sand, sludge and ice. This machine gives the operator the increased cleaning power of 8 gpm without risking pump damage if the water supply can’t match the pump demand. 

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